Wireless Video Door Phone - 9 Inch Monitor, Wireless & Night Vision &Tamper Alarm LM-VDP766
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Wireless Video Door Phones
Wireless Video Door Phone - 9 Inch Monitor, Wireless & Night Vision &Tamper Alarm LM-VDP766
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The next time you’re expecting a guest you needn’t wait patiently, listening for the door bell because the portable 9 inch monitor has the ability to interact with an electric lock gives you compete freedom to remotely control any compatible doorway in your home, office or business place. The 1/4 inch CMOS camera on the door phone can pick up detailed imagery whether it is day or night and can send these images to up to three paired receivers where you can view them in 640x480 resolutions. When activated you can take a photo of anyone at the door and the inside monitor can store up to 100 of these, which are marked by date and time so you can see just whose come and gone as well as take pictures of any suspicious individuals.

The transmitter is easy to mount by any entry point and has a rain cover as well as a tamper alarm to keep it protected from the elements in addition to mischievous individuals. Lasting up to 15 days on the battery life alone the transmitted doesn’t even need to have a permanent power connection, however this may be desirable if connecting to an electronic door lock.

    * 9 Inch Digital TFT Color Panel
    * 2 to 5 Meters Night Vision
    * Indoor Monitor Stores Up To 100 Pictures
    * High Sensitivity Touch Technology
    * Tamper Alarm


    * 2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology, transmission distance up to 300 meters at open area, robust anti-interference
    * Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment; 2-5m night vision Rain shield for the outdoor camera is available
    * 9 Inch Digital TFT color panel
    * High-strength tempering glass, abrasion resistant and scratch, longer working life
    * High Sensitivity touches keys
    * Monitor, wireless unlock, hands-free call and talk
    * 16 Chord melodies and melody volume is adjustable
    * Date and time are showed on the screen
    * Indoor monitor store up to 100pcs pictures, pictures mark the date and time
    * Brightness and talk volume are adjustable
    * Battery of camera and monitor is replaceable and rechargeable

Outdoor Extension
    * Power Supply Input: AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
    * Output: DC 5V 1A
    * Camera CMOS: 300,000 Pixels, 1/4 Inch CMOS, 640x480
    * Light Source 4 LED Lights
    * Power Consumption Standby: 0.2W
    * Unlock: 10W
    * Modulation GFSK
    * Frequency: 2.4GHz
    * Transmitting Power: 23dBm

Indoor Extension
    * Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    * Output: DC 5V 1A
    * Battery 3.7V 1320mAh Li-Ion Battery
    * Power Consumption Standby: 0.1W
    * Work: 2W
    * Modulation GFSK
    * Frequency 2.4GHz
    * Transmitting power 23dBm
    * Battery Charging Time: 6 Hours
    * Battery Standby Time: 10 Days (Fully charged)
    * Controls: Brightness; Volume

Product Notes
    * Battery: Removable

Package Contents
    * Outdoor Camera + Indoor Monitor
    * Power Adapter x2
    * USB Cable x2
    * Lock Cable
    * Screws
    * User Manual


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