Wearable Wristband Bracelet Digital Voice Recorder Wrist Band WAV Recording Format LM-VR782
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Voice Recorder
Wearable Wristband Bracelet Digital Voice Recorder Wrist Band WAV Recording Format LM-VR782
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    * 1536Kbps PCM high fidelity recording
    * With high sensitive strong anti - disturbance microphone,combine with the DSP  acoustics processor,maximum reduce the noise, show your true voice
    * Unique appearance,new fashion
    * The surface use the IML material,combine with the Ergonomic Design and  individual colors,highlight the stylish.
    * The inside of the bracelet use the medical silicone,you won’t feel uncomfortable when wear it.
    * Four recording timbres for option:1536Kbps/512Kbps/192Kbps/32Kbps
    * One key recording,one key play
    * One key operation for recording,pausing,saving,playing
    * VOS automatically recording
    * Automatically save your recording file when battery is too low.
    * File named according to the time
    * Recording files directly play by the device itself,no need connect with the PC.
    * A-B repeat
    * Variable speed playback
    * Both Fast speed and Slow speed have 8 class can be adjusted,its a practical tool for learning
    * Music play
    * WR-18 is not only a professional digital voice recorder,but also a exquisite sport MP3.
    * OLED Display screen
    * Support 24 languages
    * Automatic section-break
    * With built-in high polymer battery,long time recording

    * Power Supply:Polymer battery 3.7V  about120mAh
    * Recording Format:WAV,32Kbps/192Kbps/512Kbps/1536Kbps
    * 4GB Recording Time:285hours/47hours/18hours/6hours
    * 8GB Recording Time:570hours/94hours/36hours/12hours
    * 16GB Recording Time:1140hours/188hours/72hours/24hours
    * Support System:Windows2000/XP/7/8/Android

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