USB Disk Voice Activated Voice Recorder LM-VR1189
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Voice Recorder
USB Disk Voice Activated Voice Recorder LM-VR1189
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    * One button voice activated recoding
      - Toggle recording switch is convenient and efficient. 
      - High sensitive voice activated recording function can save the disk space and extend the recording time.
    * Sliding USB connector:
      - No need USB cable to connect with computer. The slide USB connector is convenient and good appearance.
      - The concealed design avoids the recording process interrupted by any unexpected touch.
    * Charging and recording, extend recording time:
      - Many customers confused by the question : How long it will record by each charging?
      - Build-in high capacity lithium battery, lasting about 15 hours. In addition, it can still record while charging, which will continue the original recording until the disk space is full.
    * The indicative light is inconspicuous, easy operation and concealed
      - Most sound recording devices without display screen will have indicative light. But the light is too “high profile” even it can display the working condition.
Indicative light of the item is inconspicuous. It is difficult for you to associate a voice recorder.
    * Fashionable appearance and combatable feeling
    * SHQ long time recording mode
      - Recording bit rate: 128Kbps(or 192K bps optional. After testing, there is no difference between 128 Kbps and 192 K bps. But the recording time of 128kbps is three times than 192kbps. So the former is more practical. )
      - Recording time: 8GB: about 140 hours/ 4GB: about 70 hours
    * USB disk function
      - It is multi-function, which also used as a USB disk to upload an download files in any time.


    * Size:64mm×22mm×10mm            
    * Weight: about 14g
    * Recording format: WAV
    * Recoding bit rate: 128Kbps
    * Recording time:
      - 4GB: about 70 hours
      - 8GB: about 140 hours
    * Support system: Windows2000/XP/vista/7
    * Flash memory: 1GB-8GB ( Please select FAT32 when formatting the recorder )

Package contents:
    * Voice recorder
    * User manual

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