Tubular Inspection Camera - USB Wand Digital Camera with Lights LM-PC167
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USB Microscope
Tubular Inspection Camera - USB Wand Digital Camera with Lights LM-PC167
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The DIGITAL PEN CAMERA is a new electronic health care product for the home.It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an optical lens, an image sensor, an illumination mechanism, and an image transfer control circuit connected to a computer. You can display the images captured by the DIGITAL PEN CAMERA on the computer screen, store them on the computer, print them, or send them over the Internet.

* DSP: High power Digital Image Monarch Processor.
* Sensor: 0.3M pixels high-quality CMOS sensor
* Resolution: 640×480
* Colors: true color 24bit (RGB)
* Interface: USB1.1/USB2.0.
* Frame rate: 30 frames/sec (CIF and VGA).
* Focal distance: 10mm - ∞
* Magnification: 40×.(at 10mm on 17'screen by 640 x 480 resolution)
* Box Dimension:20*14*8(L*W*H)
* Weight:0.45kg
* Approved:CE/FCC/ROHS

Product Notes:
* As an endoscope, use it to observe yourself like using a mirror. in particular the parts that you could not see before.
* As a USB microscope,Magnify stamps, coins, antiques, insects, electric circuits, machines, fabrics, food, decorations,and magnify small text for reading,etc.
* Used to inspect the ear canal, nasalcavity, hair roots skin, etc.
* Used as a PC camera
* Before installation and use of this product, please read the instructions in this manual to ensure its correct use.
* Never use this product in stormy weather.
* Avoid harsh handling or excessive force
* Never leave the product on unattended. Unplug from the USB port after use.
* Do not disassemble this product,Disassembling this product will result inirreparable damage.
* Do not let this product come in direct contact with steam, vapor, water, or liquids of any kind.
* Never use this product to examine the eyes of infants or young children.When using this product for eye examination, the illumination should be as dimand the examination time as short as possible.

Package Contents:
* 1*Inspection camera

* 1*Holder
* 1*Software CD(user manual included)

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