Outdoor GSM & GPRS MMS Monitoring Alarm Syetem LM-GAS681
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3G Camera&Alarm system
Outdoor GSM & GPRS MMS Monitoring Alarm Syetem LM-GAS681
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This is a security device which is based on GSM/GPRS network. Suitable for all weather outdoor envirment, powerful and with nice appearance. It is easy operation, can use the mobile remote control anywhere, anytime, monitoring the site and take phones send back to the owner's mobile or e-mail. It is updated from the LM-GAS680, it is developed according to the harsh weather from China's north and some other countries, althogh the cover is similar to the outdoor camera, essentially, it is a higher level using of MMS security alarm. 'LM-GAS681' inherited all performance from 'LM-GAS680', have add the wired zones, improved the factor of safety.


    * With camera      
    * With 300,000 pixels CMOS sensor. Support 640*480 ( maximum 1 image for each MMS) and 320*240 (maximum 5 images for each MMS)    
    * Can send SMS and MMS to 3 preset mobile phones     
    * Can Send picture to 3 preset E-mail.     
    * Can  auto-dial 3 phones to inform the users     
    * Can save the picture to SD card, when system alarm      
    * It will send SMS to inform you when the power is failure or returns to normal.     
    * You can monitor the site by mobile phone at any time.      
    * You can listen what happened in the alarm area while alarming.     
    * Easy operate with a wireless remote control device by simple mobile instructions.     
    * The siren will be activated when alarm happen.     
    * It can work with wireless PIR, door/window sensor, smoke/gas detector, glass break sensor etc     
    * GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ     
    * Can match detectors/sensors with mainframe by learning code       
    * With build-in back up battery, device can be still operating during power failure.     
    * With IR night vision camera, it provides full time 24 hours day and night monitoring function.     


    * GSM frequency :850/1900/900/1800MHz
    * Communication mode: GSM/GPRS
    * Wireless receive frequency 433MHz/315MHz
    * The number of wireless detectors allowed: Numberless
    * Image resolution 640*480320*240
    * Camera View Angle  Horizontal 60/ Vertical 60
    * Effective Range:  < 20 meters
    * Remote Control Distance: 80 meters
    * Image format :JPEG
    * Camera resolution :30 million pixels
    * Built-in lithium-ion battery :800mAh
    * Battery standby time :12 hour
    * Volume size: 100L*68W*85H (mm)
    * N. W :(main panel) 200g
    * Power adapter :input 100V~240V/50Hz, output 12V DC
    * Work temperature:-10C to +45C
    * Storage Temperature :-20C~+60C
    * Humidity :10-90% No condensation
    * Input: AC110V ~ 220V, 50hz or60hz
    * Plug in power: DC5V

Package Contents:
    * Alarm host (main unit)
    * Remote controllers
    * AC adapter
    * English user manual"
    * PIR sensor 
    * 2GB SD card

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