Mobile phone Telescope Digital Binoculars Camera Optical Zoom Lens LM-MP02
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Mobile phone Telescope Digital Binoculars Camera Optical Zoom Lens LM-MP02
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Overcome the short coming of camera and cell phone that can only near-sighted, it also makes distant view for you at the moment. It can also be used as a binocular separately to watch concert, match and any other long distance landscape.Suitable for watching the match, the concert, travel, the animal observes fans, the newspaper-man shoots remotely, the private detective takes a picture and collects evidence, geological prospecting, the forestry manages, the port dispatcher of the railway, the traffic administrative department to collect evidence, public security organs to enforce the law and collect evidence etc.


    * Extend metallic flexible handle, then in mobile phone or digital camera
    * Move focusing holder right or left to adjust the lens's center of camera mobile phone or digital camera
    * Lock the locking knob after finish adjustment
    * Install the long focal lens in lens adapter
    * Tripod attachment adapt to universal tripod
    * Color: black
    * Lens Size:65*30mm
    * Universal holder size:53*55*25m

Package Contents:
    * Mobile phone telescope lens X 1
    * Phone back bracket X 1
    * Cleaning cloth X 1
    * Strap X 1
    * User manual X 1


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