LED Screen Inductors Loudspeaker Rear Car Parking Sensor with Dual CPU & 4 Sensors LM-CR03
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Car Parking Sensor
LED Screen Inductors Loudspeaker Rear Car Parking Sensor with Dual CPU & 4 Sensors LM-CR03
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    * Operating Voltage Rating: DC12V
    * Max Power: Pmax<5W
    * Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +80°C
    * Display Distance: 0.3m-2.0m/1.0-6.6ft            
    * Alarm Distance: 0.3m-1.5m/1.0-4.9ft
    * Alarm Voice: >80dB
    * Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz


    * This parking sensor comes with Dual CPU, 4 sensors systemobstacle orientation indication
    * This radar sensor comes with bright Mini VFD Display
    * Buzzer type with on-off switch
    * This Car Sensor system will help you to avoid those costly backup collisions that happen so easily
    * The more important, car parking sensor can help save the life of a small child. Once installed, the system will automatically turn onyou put your doing reverse. If an object is detected while backing up, the system omits
    * Audible beeps, as well as shows the distance on the TFT monitor telling you the distance from the object
    * The car parking sensor will fit any make of carvehicle, van, caravan, trailerhorse boxes. So that is a parking sensor for any vehicle - your vehicle, anywhere in the world operational in all conditions



Package Included:
    * 4 x Sensors
    * 1 x Control Case
    * 1 x LED Display
    * 1 x Webcam
    * 1 x Power Cable
    * 3 x Data Cables
    * 2 x Hole Saws
    * 1 x Horn

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