LED Mood Light - 256 Colors, Touch Control, 280mAh Built in Battery LM-LL27
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LED Lights
LED Mood Light - 256 Colors, Touch Control, 280mAh Built in Battery LM-LL27
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    * LED Mood Light changes colors manually or automatically
    * A full range of 256 colors to brighten up any room
    * 150 Lumens of mood lighting great for parties or romantic nights in
    * 280mAh rechargeable battery brings up to 6 hours of usage time

Lighting is key essence of any room. Too much and light is reflected glaring around the room bouncing off walls and offending the senses, too little and you can’t see.

This LED light with its 256 color pallet helps you set the right lighting for any room. Use soft, warm amber light to make a room welcoming and comfy, Great for a relaxing bubble bath or for a lazy evening snuggling on the sofa. Alternatively use strong, bold colors to create a party atmosphere the choice is yours as you can select the lighting for whatever mood you like.


    * LED: 3 RGB 1W
    * Lumens: 150
    * LED Colors: 256
    * Touch Colors Scroll Bar
    * Colors Modes: Auto, Change manually
    * Battery: Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
    * Battery Size: 280mAh
    * Power Supply: 5V
    * Charging Time: About 2.5-3 Hours
    * Usage Time: About 6 Hours

Package Contents
    * Mood Light
    * USB Cable
    * User Manual

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