LED Bulb and Flashlight Combination Apollo, 4 Watts, 30000 Hour Lifespan, Remote Control LM-LB10
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LED Lights
LED Bulb and Flashlight Combination Apollo, 4 Watts, 30000 Hour Lifespan, Remote Control LM-LB10
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Named after the God of Light, Apollo, this bulb that can double up as an emergency torch is a unique and quality made gadget with a lot of practical thinking put into its design. This cleverly designed bulb that when in a case of a power cut or a flashlight is required can easily doubles up and assist as a flashlight. the “Apollo” bulb’s consumption power is between 3 and 4 watts which is very low therefore helping to save power. The “Apollo” bulb's signature feature is the ability to turn into a flashlight in case of a power cut. Simply extend the rear and twist to form a safe and secure handle to explore with knowing you have ample amount of battery life and also between 200 to 220 lumens lighting the way.
It can be used on direct AC current or as an emergency flashlight in case of there being no electricity, making this a perfect emergency device. It has a battery which stores power and keeps the bulb running for many hours without power. When the switch on the “Apollo” is turned to AC, this bulb will light up and the battery is under recharge. When the switch is turned to OFF, the bulb can only be recharged. If the “Apollo” has been switched to DC, the bulb works from battery power and that is when it is best to use it as a flashlight. A remote control is also available with the “Apollo” so that you can turn it off and on without having to get up and do it manually making this bulb even more convenient.

    * 2-In-1 LED Bulb and Flashlight Combination
    * 4 Watts
    * 30,000 Hour Lifespan
    * Remote Control


    * LED: x33 LEDs
    * Lumens: 200 to 220
    * LED Power: 4W
    * LED Color: Milk White
    * LED Angle: 120 Degrees
    * LED Lifespan: 30000 hours
    * Control Buttons: AC, OFF, DC
    * Power Source: Built-in Battery
    * Battery Size: 1500mAh
    * Charge Time: 4 to 5 Hours
    * Voltage: 85 to 265V 50/60HZ
    * Main product dimensions: 148x800x110mm (L x W x D)
    * Main product weight: 150g


Package Contents:
    * LED Bulb and Torch Combination Device
    * Remote Control

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