Inductive Bluetooth Hat for Wireless Spy Earpiece Earphone LM-EH1115
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Inductive Bluetooth Hat for Wireless Spy Earpiece Earphone LM-EH1115
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    * Multi-Function key and microphone on the Hat, easy to work
    * Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid
    * Hands-free cell phone communication
    * Voice dialing available (need cellphone provider support)
    * Battery life 15 hours talking time or standby 100 hours
    * Build-in rechargeable battery
    * Cool blue light indicator
    * Difference between our Bluetooth Pen, Our New Bluetooth Hat feature is :
The distance between the Hat to earpiece is much longer than the pen ( pen is about 6cm while new Hat is about 22cm )
    * The battery time is much longer (Battery life 3 hours talking time or standby 100 hours)
    * Much easier to use, and Hidden
    * The Hat can use at many places. More popular and suit to all kinds of people. Different Type for you to choose.


    * Bluetooth handsfree is T9
    * Transmission range: to earpiece < 25cm, to cellphone <35 meter (no impedient)
    * Integrated Microphone: Yes
    * Bluetooth passward is "0000"
    * Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth?-equipped phone


How to use the Bluetooth Hat :
    * Press the functional Key for 3 seconds, the Bluetooth is open, and while the indicator light is still and keep blue, it means the Bluetooth Hat starts working
    * Open your mobile phone Bluetooth function and search the Bluetooth Hat, when the T9 on your mobile. Choose it, and enter the password “0000”, then Bluetooth Hat indicator shining for 2 times means the mobile pairs with the Bluetooth Hat.
    * When someone calls your pairs mobile phone, press the functional key of the Bluetooth Hat, then you can hear the voice from the earpiece.


Charge the Bluetooth Hat:
    * Connect the charger with the Hat, find the red indicator is on, charge the Hat for 2-3 hours while first using. Do not charge it for a long time, which may shorten the battery life.



Packing inculde :
    * 1x bluetooth hat
    * 1x charger
    * 1x earpiece
    * 1x Sony 337 Battery

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