HD 720P 15cm Long Lens Mini Camera with Work time 12 hours & Motion detection LM-MC05
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DIY Spy Camera
HD 720P 15cm Long Lens Mini Camera with Work time 12 hours & Motion detection LM-MC05
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    * 15CM long lens Camera
    * Big battery 4000MAH, can work 12 hours.
    * Support 32GB TF card (not inculde TF card )
    * Support 2.4G wireless remote control
    * video:1280x720p avi
    * Motion detection auto recorder.
    * AV Out
    * While charging at the same time you can while recording
    * Weight : 150g



How to use:
    * Boot: Press the Remote control A blue light, hand loosen complete the boot.
    * Camera: boot long bright blue light, long shake once, press the B button click shake and blue light flashing three exterminate into the camera in the next. Then a short press the B button to save, as in need recording, again and again
    * Photos: Short press the remote control at the C key blue lights flashing photographs accompanied by a vibration indicates. And automatically saved.
    * Motion detection mode: Short press the remote control D piece blue light flashing 3 Next exterminate, enter detected state, short press the D key remote control. Blue lights and save.
    * Motion pictures, in the case of motion detection recording, press the camera button that motion detection camera, shoot a blue light flashed.
    * Through charging recorded with mobile power, chargers and other recorded through charging, connect the charging device after about one minute behind the operational functions. If there is no recorded through charging the battery, the charger 1000MA required to achieve adequate.
    * Change the time, 20130709153500 y into the dish as to establish TIMERSET document numbers can be replaced. y represents the display time, do not want to display the time will be replaced by n to y .About modification time, please contact your local dealers for modification time software tool procedures.
    * Shutdown; Short A button on the remote control to complete the shutdown.





Package contents:

    * Mini camera

    * USB cable

    * Remote controller

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