HD 1080P IR Night Vision with LED Light Watch Camera LM-IRW32
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1080P Watch Spy Camera
HD 1080P IR Night Vision with LED Light Watch Camera LM-IRW32
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This product is the world's first high-definition infrared sports dv watch, and has waterproof features. The design and manufacturing accord with to 3 degrees waterproof standards (waterproof to 30 meters) related technology, but because of the special structure of this product, this does not mean you can wear the product when diving for underwater video recording, also can not guarantee that this product won’t have seepage under water pressure and maintain normal work, all the waterproof design of the product just to avoid a small amount of liquid or dusts flying into the product inside the case and damage the product, so it can not be placed in underwater to work, and you may need guidance in strict accordance with the instructions to use the product, if the product damaged causing by improper use, we will not provide warranty and after-sales service for this product.

    * HD 1080P
    * Infrared night vision camera
    * Automatic induction infrared night vision
    * 36 hours LED lighting
    * PC web camera function
    * Support recording
    * Outdoor sports must be prepared to good things


    * Video Coding: M-JPEG
    * Resolution: 1920*1080
    * Photo: 4032 * 3024 pixels
    * Video frame rate: 30 frames
    * Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software
    * Picture Format: JPG
    * Image Scaling: 4:3
    * Support System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4;Linux;
    * VOL: DC-5V
    * Interface-type: Mini  USB
    * Memory Card Format: Nand flash
    * Support 1GB-32GB
    * Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery


Package Contents:
    * Watch camera
    * USB cable
    * Charger
    * User manual

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