Global GPS Tracker with Quadband, Two Way Calling, SMS Alerts LM-GT1106
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GPS Tracker
Global GPS Tracker with Quadband, Two Way Calling, SMS Alerts LM-GT1106
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Better Than Your Average GPS Tracker: This amazing GPS tracker does everything those other trackers do like (1) send you its GPS location via SMS, either on demand or at regular intervals, (2) help you keep track of people, vehicles, or other assets, and (3) send you an alert when the GPS tracker leaves a predefined area, BUT it does the job better than the rest with an improved GPS receiver that offers more accurate GPS readings, advanced functions like remote monitoring where you can send a text message to the tracker to turn on its MIC and transmit all the nearby sounds to you (eavesdropping). Most importantly, this incredible tracker also picks up GPS signals in locations where other trackers don't!
It Behaves Like A Quadband Cellphone: Since GPS trackers use SIM cards as the means by which they communicate with their owners, it was just a matter of time before someone came up with the thought, "wouldn't it be great it we included a MIC and speakers on the tracker, so people could use the tracker as an emergency cellphone too?" A perfect example of how this may come in handy is: You've decided to spend your vacation exploring the great outdoors. After several days, you've become lost and your supplies are dwindling. Using your GPS tracker you call your friends for help. At the same time, your friends send text instructions to your GPS tracker which gives them your exact location.
Who This Product Is For: Parents who want to track of where their children go and adult children who want to keep track of their elderly parents for safety purposes, nature lovers and wilderness enthusiasts, even businesses for purposes of fleet logistics or driver expense reports will benefits from this amazing device.

    * Works worldwide
    * Quad-band (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
    * Real-Time tracking
    * Monitoring function for remote listening
    * Built-in advanced GPS receiver
    * Single location and continuous tracking
    * Two way calling


NOTE: This GSM product is compatible with the four frequencies of 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. It can be used throughout the world.


    * Primary Function: GPS Tracker with SMS and Two Way Calling
    * SIM Card Compatibility: 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G
    * GSM Compatibility: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    * GPS Chipset: GPS SiRF-Star III chipset
    * GPS Sensitivity: -158Db
    * GPS Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
    * Position Accuracy: 10 meters, 2D RMS
    * Velocity Accuracy: 0.1m/s
    * Time Accuracy: 1.0 synchronized to GPS time
    * Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average
    * Start Up Times:
      -Hot start: 1 sec., average
      -Warm start: 38 sec., average
      -Cold start: 42 sec., average
    * Altitude Limit: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max
    * Velocity Limit: 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max
    * Acceleration Limit: Less than 4g
    * Jerk Limit: 20 m/sec
    * Operating temperature: -25 to 65 Celsius
    * Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%
    * Power Source: Rechargeable and removable li-ion battery (3.7V 750mAh)
    * Charging Connector: DC 5V (USB port)
    * Talk time: - 2 hours
    * Standby time: 60 hours
    * Dimensions: L: 80 x W: 50 x D: 17 (mm)
    * Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS


    * GSM/SMS communication
    * Very thin and compact, easy to conceal
    * Low power consumption
    * SOS button to send SMS help message to paired cellphone number.
    * This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. As the wholesaler, Ankaka provides the GPS- enabled hardware only, not the software. Ankaka provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. Ankaka cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.


Package Contents:
    * Global GPS Tracker (Quadband, Two Way Calling, SMS Alerts)
    * Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V 750mAh)
    * Mini-USB Cable
    * Power Adapter
    * CD w/ User Manual - English

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