GSM Neckloop & GSM Box In Ear Audio Receiver, Wireless Earpiece Kit LM-EB1216
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GSM Neckloop & GSM Box In Ear Audio Receiver, Wireless Earpiece Kit LM-EB1216
[LM-EB1216 ]
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This wireless earphone receiver kit is extremely well hidden and next to impossible to detect. That’s because this device uses a miniature earbud that fits perfectly inside your ear with only a clear stem sticking out about a ?
 inch so you can safely pull it out. If you’re looking for the most discreet audio transmitter kit on the market, then continue reading to learn more.
So how does it work? It’s simple! The included GSM Phone sends the audio signal to a transmitter hidden inside a normal looking wallet. The wallet transmitter then sends the wireless signal to the mini earbud where only you can hear the audio transmission. That’s all there is to it. You only need to carry the wallet and wear the discreet earbud to receive audio instructions from your partner-- no bulky receivers or messy wires necessary!
This is the same technology undercover CIA agents have been using for years and is perfect for privately receiving instruction without anybody knowing the better. For example- you have an important presentation coming up but have limited time to prepare.Not to worry! Your partner can remotely give you instructions whenever you get stuck and don’t know what to say!Whatever you do, DON’T bring this device to your Examination ,Gambling,Card Game.Yes you will gain an unfair advantage… However, if anyone does happen to figure out that you’re cheating then you’ll be in some serious trouble!

    * Only Take GSM BOX and earpiece
    * It  Can support Works with Micro earpeice
    * Built-in 1000Ma battery
    * Working time : 8hours
    * Recharger time : 4 hours
    * Sound decibel : 40db
    * Gsm Wallet with mini earpiece distance :5-70cm
    * The new developed GSM BOX  has a build-in Real Four Frequency .
    * that works all of the Worldwide


How to use :
    * step 1 : Put the Sim card into GSM Wallet.than turn on .
    * step 2 : Put the 337 battery into mini earpiece ,and put the earpiece into your ear .
    * step 3 : Use your mobile phone call GSM Wallet's Sim Card Number
    * step 4 : Now  you can talking with Gsm Wallet .and Listening through headphones the sound from the telephone .

Packing list:
    * 1 x GSM BOX
    * 1 x mini earpiece
    * 2 x Battery 337

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