GSM Home Alarm System With Color LCD Screen LM-GAS675
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3G Camera&Alarm system
GSM Home Alarm System With Color LCD Screen LM-GAS675
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GSM Home Alarm System With Color LCD Scree.The alarm system adopts SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm remotely. The system can be set delayed-arm. When a signal is detected by detectors, the detectors will send alarm signal to host immediately, then the host sends alarm SMS to its preset mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials its preset telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically and drive wiretap. In addition, the color LCD can show the time, date and the status of arm, disarm, GSM signal, power, alarm etc. With the LCD, it is very easy for you to operate.


    * Built-in SIMCOM, double frequency GSM module (SIM300 or SIM340)
    * With color LCD show screen and keyboard on the host.
    * Maximum 24 wireless zones including 1 wireless SOS zone, 1 wireless fire alarm zone and one  1 external power failure alarm zone. (Note:every wireless zone can Configurate numberless wireless sensors)    
    * Send SMS to 3 group mobile numbers and call to 3 preset telephone numbers by turns while alarming.
    * 10 seconds self-recording alarm voice will be sent out when alarming, support monitor and intercom function.
    * Arm/disarm/partial arm/partial disarm by keyboard, remote controller, SMS or remote telephone/mobile phone.(disarm by keyboard need password)
    * Timing control arm/partial arm/disarm.
    * Program the alarm host by keyboard or SMS.
    * Modify the name of 26 wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of alarm host by SMS demand.
    * Define the 26 wireless guarding zones as arm/partial arm by keyboard on the alarm host.
    * With standby rechargeable battery
    * The alarm host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.
    * Can connect wireless emergency button, wireless PIR sensor, wireless door/window contact, wireless smoke detector, wireless gas leakage detector, wireless glass-vibrating sensor etc. Each wireless zone can match numberless wireless sensors.     
    * Can you listen what happened in the alarm area while alarming.     
    * With AC power status monitor function and password protection function   
    * Wireless emergency function (24 hours zone):can press the button to alarm immediately to get help in case of emergency.     
    * Wireless signal transmission,and don't fear cutting wire by the intruders.     
    * Can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network, such as the police station  

    * Two-way talkback function     
    * Have the function of voice record for 10 seconds.      
    * Have the function of alarming and preventing illeagle dismantle.
    * Fixed code for wireless accessories

    * GSM network frequency(choose one of them):

            - GSM900/1800MHZ ;

            - GSM850/1900MHZ (is used in Americas)
    * Alarm method: adopts SMS data transmission and voice platform
    * Stand-by power consumption ≤0.6W
    * External power failure alarm
    * Alarm response time
    * Less than 8s (GSM in normality)
    * The volume of siren:More than 110db
    * Standby battery:DC 8.4V (lithium battery)
    * Standby battery working hours: more than 15 Hours
    * Operating temperature:  -10℃ ~ +55℃
    * Humidity: ≤ 95%   (no condensation)
    * Dimension of alarm host
    * Dimension: 170*118*40mm(L*W*H)
    * Output power: DC12V
    * Input power: AC110V to 220V,50Hz or 60 Hz
    * Wireless frequency : 315MHZ/433MHZ

Package Contents:
    * Alarm host (main unit)
    * Wireless door/window magnetic contact
    * PIR sensor
    * Remote controllers
    * Siren(More than 110DB) 
    * AC adapter    
    * English user manual

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