Forecum Wireless Key Finder LM-KF1291
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Forecum Wireless Key Finder LM-KF1291
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We’ve all been there. Searching high and low for our keys, running around frantically knowing this extra delay is going to make us late for a date, important meeting at work or to pick the kids up form school. Misplacing your keys can be stressful but it needn’t be. This wireless key finder set with 5 receivers lets you keep tabs on any number of things such as keys, phones, bags and even pets.


Each transmitter has a range of up to 30 meters and is color coded. Just turn on the mini receiver and then to activate it press the corresponding button on the transmitter. Once activated clip it to your bag, keys, phone or anything else you wish to keep track off and put the transmitter in a safe place.

When you press the corresponding button on the transmitter the receiver module will start a loud beeping for several seconds letting you easily locate it. Even if its fallen down the back of the sofa, hidden under a pile of cloths or tucked away in a corner the loud alarm at over 70db will be clearly heard.

    * Key Finder with 5 receivers for keeping tabs on all your essentials
    * Loud alarm locator at over 70db makes it easy to hear
    * long standby life up to 1 year and changeable batteries.


    * Material: ABS Plastic
    * Seek Distance: up to 30 Meters
    * Frequency: 433 MHz
    * Alarm Decibel: 70 to 80 dB
    * Standby Time: Approx 6 to 12 months
    * Receiver Battery Type: 1x CR2032
    * Transmitter Battery Type: 12V 27A
    * Standby Power Consumption: 0.5 mAh
    * Working Power: 4.2 mAh
    * Receiver Operating Voltage: 2.4 to 3.3V
    * With LED Lamp

Package Contents
    * Transmitter
    * 5x Receiver
    * Battery
    * User Manual
    * Holder
    * 6x Adhesive Pad
    * 5x Key Ring

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