Buzzer Parking Sensor with Dual CPU & 4 Sensors LM-CR07
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Car Parking Sensor
Buzzer Parking Sensor with Dual CPU & 4 Sensors LM-CR07
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    * Dual CPU system, 4 radar detectors.
    * Voltage rating: DC 12V
    * Power consumption: <5W
    * Display precision: CM level.
    * Visibility range: 0.3m~2.0m.
    * Detection range: 0.3m~1.5m.
    * Wide operating temperature range: -40 degree Celsius to +80degree Celsius.
    * Alarm volume: > 80dB
    * Ultrasonic frequency: 40 KHz
    * Diameter of detector: 22mm
    * Installation height: 50cm-70cm far from the ground.


    * Self-test function activatedreversing.
    * Feedback to the driver through audible "beeps"tones (Optional).
    * The frequency of the beep indicates distance from an obstruction, the higher frequency you can hear, the closer you are from the obstruction.
    * A continuous tone is heardthe vehicle is extremely close, warning a driver to stop immediately to avoid collision
    * Speakerbuilt-in buzzer (Optional).
    * Three different colors for showing the different state (green-safety, yellow-caution, red-danger).
    * Work by emitting step-up buzzer within detection range.
    * Can switch off warming (Optional).
    * High sensitivity radar sensor with all weather usage based design.
    * Adopt high quality industrial electronic components for long-term usage.
    * Within the accuracy of CM.
    * Waterproof design ensures the system to work well even in extremely environment.

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