6W RGB LED Light Bulb - Remote Control, Wi-Fi Control Kit, Support iOS & Android Devices LM-LB17
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LED Lights
6W RGB LED Light Bulb - Remote Control, Wi-Fi Control Kit, Support iOS & Android Devices LM-LB17
[LM-LB17 ]
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6W RGB LED Light Bulb lets you have all the power in the palm of your hand as it comes with a Remote Control as well as a Wi-Fi Control Kit that Support iOS and Android Devices.

Light up your life with LED

Change the way you light up your home or your work place with this innovative LED bulb that comes with a remote control and a Wi-Fi controller. Don’t fall into the trap of having to search for the

lights in the dark or having to get off the sofa to turn them on, with this RGB LED light, you can control the brightness as well as the color to really set the tone and mood. Download the free application to install on either your iOS or Android device to start controlling how your light bulbs behave. Pair up and by using the Wi-Fi controller, you can control one of multiple bulbs with just a swipe of your finger on your touch screen tablet. Advantages of using LEDs are that they have a

long lifespan and are extremely environmentally friendly, plus they can save you money as they consume less power that standard bulbs.

    * LED Light Bulb
    * 6W
    * RGB
    * Remote Control
    * Wi-Fi Control Kit
    * Support iOS + Android Devices


    * Brightness Adjusting: 100% to 1%
    * Remote Dstance: At least 20 Meters (With Penetrating Power)
    * Input Voltage: 86-265V
    * Frequency: 50-60Hz
    * LED Power: 6W
    * Rated Power: 7.5W
    * Luminous Flux: Average 100 Lumens per Watt
    * Average Light Effect: 75LM/W
    * Lifespan: 50000 Hours / 25 Years
    * PF: 0.65
    * Lamp Base: B22 Bayonet + E27 Options available
    * Max Diameter: 60mm

Wi-Fi Controller
    * Maximum Load Power: 216
    * Remote Distance: 0 to 30 Meters
    * Voltage: 12V
    * Material: ABS
    * Power Source: DC
    * Connection Mode: Common anode
    * Tele Control Distance: 30 Meters
    * Power Supply: DC5V, 500mA

RGB Programs
    * RGBW Fade In Fade Out
    * 7 Color Flash Disco
    * Red Color Ramp Up + Flash
    * Green Color Ramp Up + Flash
    * Blue Color Ramp Up + Flash
    * 7 Color Fade + Flash
    * Fade In and Fade Out
    * White Strobe

    * Main Product Dimensions: 125x65mm (L x D)
    * Led Bulb Weight: 91g

Product Notes
    * Ensure you connect to a device that uses iOS 5.1, Android2.1 or above to use it with the Wi-Fi controller (The default name is mi light).

Package Contents
    * LED Light
    * User Manual
    * Remote Control
    * Wi-Fi Control Kit
    * USB Cable


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